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Zeno Mccoy

Zeno Mccoy photo Zeno Mccoy
  • Black Belt

Captain Zeno McCoy (retired) served as an Airborne Infantry Officer for the US ARMY.  He served in three combat zones: Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and was awarded two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart for his combat tours.  He led as many as 130 soldiers during active combat missions and trained as many as 1200 soldiers on how not only to survive, but thrive in America's preeminent warzones. 

He was the (OIC) officer in command for the largest foreign NATO military range in operation during wartime in Kosovo.  As the (OIC) at the largest multinational firing ranges at the time, training as many as 7 NATO forces simultaneously each speaking different languages. Captain McCoy trained a full spectrum of soldiers on multidimensional engagement dynamics of NATO forces and enemy forces including close air support, mechanized infantry, infantry, artillery, and sniper engagement and utilization.  Captain McCoy has formal training in force protection, anti-terrorism, and riot control along with several secondary schools including air assault, and airborne training.  He attended Texas Tech university as a division one scholarship athlete from 1998 to 2002 and had the benefit and opportunity to train with world class strength coaches and personal trainers during and after his collegiate education.  He spent several years as a personal trainer to soldiers, athletes, and civilians. 

Martial arts and physical education have been a large part of his life for 25 years with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu being a focus for the last 20 years. Professor McCoy is a black belt under 5th degree black belt Johnny Faria and a certified Alliance instructor.   

Throughout his career in martial education Professor McCoy has learned from everyone including students, peers, coaches, instructors, and professors to pass down, educate, and create a martial arts program that will push the next generation of our student body to not only be champions but also great leaders and citizens of tomorrow.