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BJJ Programs

Alliance Jiu Jitsu strives to be the premier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Fitness training center in Allen, TX for everyone – men, women, and kids – from those looking for a family friendly place to get fit and grow personally, to those looking to equip for serious competition.  The core values of self confidence, commitment, respect, integrity, and leadership are woven into all of our programs.  While BJJ is the core program, more will be added in the future to include boot camp/core training, self-defense, more. 

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BJJ for Adults

Alliance Jiu Jitsu offers a comprehensive curriculum for adults – both men and women.  We offer full transparency in your attendance and time in rank empowering each student to advance at their own pace.  Our white belt curriculum establishes the core foundation that students can expect to spend approximately one year to complete before advancing to blue belt.  The journey from blue to black is where each student further grows and develops to make their ‘game their own.’  Our instructors guide students throughout the journey to maximize each person’s individual strengths. 



For women specifically, we want to empower women through BJJ to be confident and trained in both the fundamentals for BJJ but also how BJJ offers powerful self-defense techniques. 


BJJ Apprentice Program

The Alliance Jiu Jitsu Apprentice program is for all children 5 and up.  The Apprentice program focuses on core concepts of discipline, respect, hard work, and fun while also establishing a foundation of core BJJ techniques.  Alliance Jiu Jitsu follows the IBJJF Monthly Program which rewards kids for consistent attendance and time in rank through monthly stripe awards.  This keeps kids motivated and encouraged through frequent feedback and recognition.  With consistent attendance and at least a full year in the apprentice program, kids graduate to the adult program at 16 with their blue belt. 



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